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Decoration Tips For Your Memorable Wedding Day

by Stacey Newton on 2014/09/20

Girl's dreams are made up of the day when they dress in bridal finery, flowing gown, with flowers go down the aisle to meet their prince charming in shining Armour and take the wedding oath administered by the priest. Marriage is the most special occasion for all the couple of their lives. Marriages do take place in hotels, resorts and often at outdoor locations in farmhouses etc. But then people who get married in Churches are very lucky indeed.

Unlike private venues where you can decorate and arrange according to your theme or concept, in a Church there is not much that you can do except add up a little decoration.

Inside the church you can decorate the pews and aisle runners and may be a little bit of decorations on the outside entrance will be acceptable. Inside how ever you can use flowers, ribbons, fabric, lights and other decorations to get a nice get up. Anything more than this would have to be first approved by the Church.

If you want to have a more colorful wedding but in a Church, then you can have it in the Church garden where you will be allowed to do up the place a little more.

The best option you can consider would be to have the ceremony and oath taking in the Church, complete the wedding inside and move out to the garden for the reception and celebration. This will give you both the benefits of a church wedding as well as outdoor party.

Keep decorations colorful but simple and blend with the surrounding nature. Use the trees to put up colorful lights, use ribbons, fabric and plenty of flowers in all colors to do up the place. Avoid using candles and also delicate things made out of glass etc.

Reception Dinner planning will require some careful thought and consideration to the space available. A sit down formal dinner may not be ideal in a Church garden as there may not be sufficient space. You can opt for a buffet and line up sufficient tables and chairs for people to pick up the food, go and sit where ever comfortable and eat at their own pace. You can also choose a suitable menu that goes wit this arrangement where people find it easy to manage on their plate without having to use too much of cutlery, but then choose popular dishes that they will relish.

At the center of the arrangement, you can have a flower arrangement or keep the wedding cake and around the table you can arrange the desserts.

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